The lack of speech privacy is a major factor in workplace dissatisfaction. Sound masking protects speech privacy and reduces office noise distractions be reducing the intelligibility of human speech.

We are a proud certified dealer of Cambridge Sound Management, the leader in speech privacy systems.

With Cambridge Sound Management's sound masking solutions installed by JD Sound and Video, you can:

Reduce Noise Distractions
Protect Speech Privacy
Increase Workplace Productivity

Learn how sound masking can benefit your facility, workforce, and
customers by reducing noise distractions, protecting speech privacy,
and increasing workplace productivity.


Sound Masking ABCs

Acoustic wall panels, carpet, and ceiling tiles help absorb excess sound.
Solid barriers, partitions, and walls help block excess sound.
Sound masking helps cover up excess sound.

Our staff is proudly certified for the design, installation, and tuning of Cambridge Sound Management products.

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Who needs Sound Masking?


-Law Offices

-Insurance Offices

-Banks and Financial Institutions

-Call Centers