South Brunswick High School Theater Sound System

System Requirements

The new system had to provide coverage for the entire theater with new loudspeakers, mixing console, control system and wireless microphone package.

System Design

Equipment list:

Community IV6 Line Array Cabinets

Community  IV6-118s Subwoofers

(4) QSC PL380 Amplifier

(1) QSC Core 110F Digital Signal Processor

(1) Allen & Heath D-Live Digital Mixing Console


The new system provides coverage for entire theater, including the raked seating in the lecture hall areas without any delays.  The quality of sound and additional functionality now allows the room to be used for any event, big or small.

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Kingsway High School Auditorium Sound System

Kingsway High School Auditorium Sound System

System Requirements

Kingsway Regional High School, located in Swedesboro (Woolwich Township) New Jersey was in need of a new high-performance sound system for their 700-seat Eitel Theater.  After years of renting equipment for their musical and events, the district had the funding to install a permanent sound system for the space.  After installing their stadium sound system the previous year, JD Sound and Video was brought in to complete a design.

System Design

We took on-site laser measurements of the auditorium which allowed us to create a 3D model of the space.  We imported this into EASE, an acoustical modeling and sound system design program and created a loudspeaker design consisting of three

(3) Community IP8-1153

(1) Community i2W8

(2) QSC CXD-series amplifiers

(1) Community dSPEC DSP

(2) Shure ULX-D wireless microphone systems

(1) Behringer X32 Mixing Console


The new sound system provides exceptional speech and music reinforcement with even coverage throughout the space.  


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Highland High School Auditorium

System Requirements

The new sound system had to provide high-quality speech and music reinforcement while not blocking any sight lines or lighting fixtures.  The existing system was over 20 years old and was not capable of handling high-level music, which was a requirement of the new system.

System Design

A center cluster would have blocked lighting and the projector so JD Sound & Video took measurements of the auditorium and used EASE Focus to model a left and right hang of QSC KLA line arrays.  This designed proved to provide good coverage and speech intelligibility and was easy to implement.

Featured Equipment
  • QSC’s KLA powered line arrays and subwoofers
  • Soundcraft Expression digital mixing console
  • Shure SLX wireless microphones
  • Furman remote and rack-mounted sequencers


The new system provides great sound throughout the auditorium.