Triton High School Gym Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2016

System Requirements

The system had to provide high-level speech and music reinforcement for both sides of bleachers and the floor/court.  With hard walls, floor, the gymnasium is reverberant, so the new system had to be intelligible for announcements, including from the building PA.

System Design

Equipment list:

(8) Community R.5MAX Loudspeakers for the Field and Bleachers

(4) Community R.35 Loudspeakers for the Floor/Court

(1) Community IS6-215 Dual 15″ Subwoofer

(1) QSC CXD4.5 Amplifier

(2) Shure BLX Handheld Wireless Microphone


The new sound provides coverage for the entire system and is used daily for gym classes, sporting events, and pep rallies.